Achaea Credits

Credits in Achaea are a wonderful thing. Credits can be used to purchase rare Artefacts, which boost your stats amazingly high, they can be sold/traded for gold, and almost anyone wants credits. The price of credits, too, has been proven to only go up in the game, because as more select people get more gold in the game, they buy more credits, thus making their exist less credits, and then those same people have more artefacts, and they can buy more credits, and so forth. This means that for eternity Iron Realms will be profitting, because in-game credits will always get more expensive.

More than that, Credits give ridiculously unfair in-game advantages. Basically, you can buy your way to a top-tier character instantly, if you buy credits. For example, spend a few thousand real dollars on the game, and you will have millions of gold coins, and all of your stats will be boosted. You can fight denizens (npcs), and adventurers much easier and thus dominate over everyone else in the game!
Achaea Information

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